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    Heavy Duty Weigh-Beams

    Portable and extremely versatile.
    An ideal solution to awkward heavy duty weighing problems!

    RRP : £599.00

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    £503.16 inc vat


    Heavy duty yet economical beam scale system comprising two mild steel beams, each 1200mm. long x 100mm. wide x 70mm. high linked to an LP7610 stainless steel weighing indicator that is supplied complete with wall mounting bracket.
    Each beam has a load cell at each end and is fitted with a carrying handle at one end and a roller wheel at the other for ease of movement.  The actual working height of 95 mm. allows use in conjunction with standard hand pallet trucks. Operated by rechargeable battery, charger supplied.
    Capacity 3000 Kg.

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    LPB (3000 Kg.)
    Division : 0.5 Kg.
    £503.16  inc 

    Accessories    (tick checkbox to order)

    Traceable Calibration Certificate Issued under our ISO 9001:2015 Quality System.£28.00 
    Replacement rechargeable battery£18.00 
    Replacement power adaptor£18.00 
    Replacement feet (Pack of 2)£30.00 
    Replacement armoured cable£34.00