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  • A&D AD-4212D

    Resolution to 1 microgram with high stability.
    Analytical balance precision built into production lines/systems

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    The AD-4212D series gives the precision of high-end laboratory analytical balances to production lines/systems with unprecedented flexibility and utility. Additionally, it brings the ease of installation of in-line/built-in weighing sensors to laboratories for use inside certain kinds of equipment. It is an extreme precision analytical weighing sensor with Internal Calibration function ensuring accuracy with just one key press. The unit can be secured directly to a base by removing the levelling feet and using screws. Also highly useful within the nuclear industry.

    The dual range model switches to the 10 mg. resolution over 5.1 grams, and returns to 1 mg. when re-zero (Tare) is performed.



       Minimum weighing value from 1 µg
       EM-DLC* technology for direct connection to a PC or PLC
       Compact size and resistance to vacuum state ideal for use in a glove box
       Protection mechanism against vertical and transverse overloading due to actuator malfunctions, etc.
       Adjustable response characteristics to help cope with the effects of drafts and vibrations
       Automatic zero display after data output
       Equipped with a small breeze break
       Possible to design and attach your preferred weighing pan/receptacle
       Clock and calendar function 
       Underhook for weighing magnetic materials and density measurements
       GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output 
       Clock and calendar function 
       Built-in temperature sensor for temperature data output
       High extensibility with A&Ds various peripheral devices
       AD-1691 weighing environment analyzer provided as standard
       Optional AD-8127 printer available

     (Weighing sensor)


    Models    (tick checkbox to order)

    AD-4212D-33 (32 g.)
    Division : 0.001 g.
    Plate Size (mm) : 34 diameter
    £9,240.00  inc 
    AD-4212D-32 (32 g.) Dual range
    Division : 0.001 mg. / 0.01 mg.
    Plate Size (mm) : 34 diameter
    £7,392.00  inc 
    AD-4212D-33 (320 g.)
    Division : 0.01 mg.
    Plate Size (mm) : 50 diameter
    £6,096.00  inc 
    AD-4212D-33 (320 g.)
    Division : 0.1 mg.
    Plate Size (mm) : 50 diameter
    £3,388.80  inc 

    Accessories    (tick checkbox to order)

    Remote controller with BCD output£825.00 
    Remote controller with CC-Link output£825.00 
    RS-232 to Ethernet converter & Win CT Plus software£480.00 
    AD-8127 Printer£450.00 
    Plain printer rolls (pack of 10)£38.00 
    Printer Ink Ribbons (pack of 5)£71.00