Axis ATS Moisture Analyser

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    Graphic display, Halogen heaters, 4 drying profiles.
    Fast and precise sample humidity determination

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    ATS moisture analyzers with graphic display are used for fast and precise determination of material sample humidity. The integral high precision balance allows the measurement of mass loss of material sample placed in the fast Halogen drier (up to 160 degrees C) Time, temperature and profile of drying process can be matched to physicochemical properties of examined material. To facilitate drying parameters selection for examined material, moisture analyzers allow initial drying, the results of which are displayed on a graph. This product is suitable for the food industry, construction material industry, chemistry, biotechnology, woodworking industry, pharmaceutical industry, environment protection and others. Capacity 210g.

       USB computer port and PS2 keyboard port
       RS232 printer port for report and graph printing
       Internal clock

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    ATS210 (210g.)
    Division : 1mg.
    Plate Size (mm) : 90 diameter
    £826.50  inc 

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    Disposable pans, pack of 10£10.00 
    Paper filters, pack of 100£30.00 
    Calibration thermometer£275.00