Axis ATZ-ATA Precision Balance

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    Internal or external calibration.
    High precision in a small size.

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    £450.30 inc vat


    ATZ (External calibration) and ATA (Internal calibration) laboratory balances are designed for popular applications in laboratories and in production etc. The ATA has an option of full EC Verification (with a division size of 10 mg). Transparent draft shield with cover (option) allows operation in rooms, where elimination of air movements is impossible. Large, backlit LCD display and functional keyboard allows easy and effective working with the scale. All the scales have many special functions including counting of identical pieces, calculation of mass changes in percentage, recipe making, change of measurement unit (ct, lb, oz, ozt, gr, dwt), summing measurement series etc. RS232C socket allows connecton to a printer for receipt and report printing. Printed reports fulfill GLP procedures and quality systems. Capacity 520g.

    Models    (tick checkbox to order)

    ATZ520 (520g.) External Calibration
    Division : 1 mg.
    Plate Size (mm) : 115 diameter
    £450.30  inc 
    ATA520 (520g.) Internal Calibration
    Division : 1 mg.
    Plate Size (mm) : 115 diameter
    £507.30  inc 

    Accessories    (tick checkbox to order)

    EC Verification fee£40.00 
    Replacement power adaptor£24.00 
    Ethernet interface£130.00 
    Density determination kit£180.00 
    Under weighing hook£35.00 
    Draught shield£35.00