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  • SECA mBCA 525

    Determines body composition whilst in supine position.
    Offers efficient and precise non-invasive analysis

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    £4,950.00 inc vat


    The vital functions of immobile patients in particular have to be monitored at all times. The Seca mBCA 525 has full Class IIa approval and was developed for just this application. Lightweight and compact, the device is equipped with its own WiFi for immediate connection to available networks. The sophisticated technology delivers reliable and reproducible medical data and stores the results internally. The seca mBCA 525 is ideal for mobile use by nutritionists treating bedridden patients or for use in intensive care in hospital. PC software 'Seca Analytics 115' with one workstation licence included, combined with Seca 360 degree wireless measuring system. Please view datasheets for more detailed information.

    EMIS compatible and fully integrated with 'SystmOne' clinical record system.

    A free demonstration of this product to medical professionals can be provided if required.

       Measurement of fat, water, muscle and other body parameters in a supine position.
       Perfect for mobile use at only 3 kg with long-lasting rechargeable battery
       WiFi connection between measuring mat and monitor guarantees reliable data transmission.
       Easy-to-understand graphic presentation of measurement results on the touchscreen monitor.
       Internal storage for results of approximately 100,000 measurements.
       Medically precise, validated against reference methods of the gold standard.

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    mBCA 525 Body Composition Analyser

    £4,950.00  inc 

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    Rolling stand with basket (Seca 475)£229.00 
    Carrying case (Seca 432)£105.00 
    Wireless USB adaptor for data reception on PC (Seca 456)£75.00