Weylux Caterweigh Dial Scales - reduced price stock

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    Mechanical catering scales.
    Use anywhere - no power required

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    The Weylux Caterweigh is a mechanical dial scale constructed of steel which obviously makes them very robust. There is a wide choice of capacities and goods pan fittings to suit individual requirements. The 220 x 220mm stainless steel plate will accommodate the cook's own container for ingredient weighing and boxed supplies can easily be checked for weight. Alternatively an optional 405 x 280 mm. dished stainless steel pan can be fitted. The Caterweigh can also used as a parcel weigher and for many other general uses where electronic scales may not be suitable such as weighing produce in the fields.

    One only 2 Kg. capacity available at 25% discount (Slight scratches on base)

       Contrasting colour dial marking of Kg. and Lb.
       Zero adjuster to balance off containers
       Dial protected by transparent cover
       Easy to clean design
       Size: Base 280mm x 170mm, Height 280mm.
       Weight 3kg

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    CW2 (2 Kg. / 5 Lb.)
    Division : 5g. / 0.5 oz.
    Plate Size (mm) : 220 x 220
    £81.00  inc 


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